Replica Watches-Solid TPT and titanium-carbon housings are 51 mm in diameter

At the replica Tour de France, the color yellow is synonymous with excellence. At the end of each stage, the cyclist at the head of the Tour wins the Yellow Jersey, proudly worn as a badge of honor that every replica Tour cyclist would like to wear as often as possible. The yellow jersey not only represents who is in the lead, but is also the goal to reach for all other competitors. This year, the yellow jersey of the replica Tour de France is 100 years old and Tissot celebrates the occasion with an exclusive Chrono XL Tour de France Special Edition 2019. This tri-compax quartz chronograph, with two sub-dials in the unmistakable bright yellow of the Tour de France in contrast with the black of the rest of the dial, is provided with two leather straps, one completely black and the other decorated with the historic yellow jerseys of this legendary competition. The 45 mm case of the Chrono XL Tour de France is coated in gray PVD and the Tour de France logo is engraved on the back, the movement is quartz, the watch is water resistant to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet) .

The last appearance of Pharrell Williams has made a lot of discussion. As always, you will think. The occasion came for Pharrell on the occasion of the London premiere of the latest Disney film, The Lion King: on the red carpet the singer wore what at first seemed to be a classic black tuxedo, except for the more formal of trousers, Pharrell had chosen to wear a bermuda replica franck Muller watches, complete with a white terry sock and moccasins personalized with his own name, signed Chanel, at his feet. And so far, so good. Also because few like him can afford to put on that kind of thing without looking like "run away from home". But Pharrell's smoking was not the only touch of color to have attracted attention.

Already because in the photographs taken by the photographers a new watch was also immortalized that Pharrell wore under his jacket and which did not go by unobserved. Rather. The watch in question is a Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Watch and costs something like $ 983,000. A mind-boggling figure, that if you decide you want to deal with it, know that it will be practically impossible, because of the clock in question only twenty specimens have been made, bought by personalities of the caliber of Pharrell Williams, and Sylvester Stallone. Why Sylvester Stallone? Because the RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Watch was designed in collaboration with Stallone, in tribute to Rambo, to testify to the will of Richard Mille and the actor to cooperate to overcome the most hostile environmental conditions. Suffice it to say that the solid TPT Fake Hublot and titanium carbon case has a diameter of 51 mm and a thickness of 23 mm. and which also contains a waterproof compartment to hold the purification tablets to make drinking water, if you are in a Rambo style situation. All this is made possible by a manual mechanical movement, the caliber RM 25-01, which even has a 72-hour power reserve.

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