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Ferrari GT is a significant innovation.

The use of carbon is a reference to Ferrari cars, not only as a material but also in the process that followed. The 3D carbon is in fact made starting from a solid block - a solid block - to then be milled with numerical control, with great precision. This is a process very similar to that used in Ferraris.

Ferrari, for example, has a body made entirely of carbon, with different layers with different superimposed textures, suitably arranged so as to maximize strength and lightness, which then integrates with aluminum frame parts, some of which are also milled replica Rolex watches. Regardless of the material used, there are several Ferrari components that are milled starting from a light alloy blank .

From the first initial phase of study we wanted to explain the concept of lightness through floating elements, a suspended box whose design was interpreted in a minimalist key. Somehow with the Classic Fusion GT we returned to a more traditional scheme of the composition of the watch elements, with a dose of originality, a 'lateral thinking' that takes shape from a foray into a sector of application of creative work - design different from ours.

The suspended box then suggested the overall formal layout of the clock in which, even visually, the quadrant clearly stands out from the perimeter structure that supports it. The next phase was thus focused on the development of mathematics replica Tag Heuer, a fundamental step to finalize the engineering and the development for the production together with the Hublot technicians ".

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